Female Problems


Female sexual dysfunction problem is a common concern shared by many women. Problems may occur when women is not able to fully, healthily and pleasurably experience all of the physical stages (desire phase, the arousal phase, and the orgasm phase) the body normally experiences during sexual activity. Painful intercourse can also be reason of Female Sexual dysfunction.

Most women experience sexual problem at one time or another. For some women, the problems are ongoing.

Estimations say that around 40% of sexually active women are having sexual dysfunction to some degree.

What are the symptoms?

Female sexual dysfunction problem symptoms include:

  • Icon Tick Having less sexual desire

  • Icon Tick Having sexual arousal disorder

  • Icon Tick Not being able to have an orgasm

  • Icon Tick Having pain during sex

These symptoms may vary depending on type of sexual dysfunction you're experiencing.

What causes Female sexual dysfunction problem ?

Some common causes for Female sexual dysfunction problem include:

  • Icon Tick Emotional causes such as stress, relationship problems, depression or anxiety.

  • Icon Tick Physical causes, such as hormonal problems, and certain health conditions such as diabetic or arthritis.

  • Icon Tick Aging, which can cause changes in the vagina , such as dryness.

  • Icon Tick Taking some medicines for depression, anxiety, and seizures may cause sexual problems.

Few Common Sexual Problems are:




Irregular Menses


Breast Augmentation



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